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कार्बोहाइड्रेट उत्पादन भोजन

Writing by Ramashanker Tiware

From India
Ramashankar's article in Hi Geez, which you are reading, is written by Ramashankar. We will bring you the list of at least 20 to 30 fruits and food of carbohydrate in front of you, and scroll down and read the meaning of carbohydrate. What happens is the oxide in which you get it and it becomes very good health, which means that you choose

many drinks or food Do not make carbohydrate food, then your body will be very good and well. Let us now show you the list so that you can know which type of carbohydrate you can get.

Note: Sweet carbohydrates that are found in sweet foods do not mean sweets that you can get from carbohydrate in a dessert. There are also some grains to get carbohydrate, also there are some vegetables in which you can get good carbohydrate Echuli is mostly found in sweet fruit sweet sweet vegetables and sweet grains. Now you can choose according to your list. Looking at

Food :   English .                       हिंदी

1. Rice

2. Turmeric pulse

3. Wheat Roti

4. Corn Flour

5. Millet flour

6. Peas Dal

Fruits with carbohydrate

7. Litchi

8. Mango

9. Pomegranates

10. Apple

11. Raisin

12. Finding

13. dates

14. Sugarcane (most carbohydrate)

Most carbohydrate vegetables

15. Potatoes

16. Pumpkin

17. Jackpot

18. Taroi

19. Carrots

20. Turnips

21. Radish

22. Cauliflower

23. Onions

24. Garlic

25. Singhghada

26. Cottage cheese

27. green peas

28. Cucumber

29. Papaya

30. Kabuli Chana

31. Tomatoes

32. Jamun

Carbohydrate dessert

33. Dessert made from milk

34. Chana laddu

35. Sweet made

36. Gulab Jamun

37. Milk cream

38. Meva

39. Baram's Barfi

40. Carrot Halwa

What kind of carbohydrate is found in potatoes or vegetables and how sweet is sweet in it, we will tell here about what kind of sweetness comes in such as you occasionally eat rice and you know that Yes rice is sweet but after that, if you ever eat potatoes, then you know that the potato sweet is like potatoes and

Both of the carbohydrate content is high in rice and there are also some nutritious calories and some nutritious substances that are very beneficial for the body. Now you think that you like food if you like food. If you want to eat more rice, if you want food then fruit brings sweet fruit
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